August 6, 2009


Lallemand closes Lake States Yeast acquisition 



Lallemand Inc. has acquired the Lake States Yeast Division from Wausau Paper Group, Rhinelander, Wisconsin, US.


Lake States Yeast produces inactivated torula yeast. It will operate as a separate unit within Lallemand.


The company's product portfolio will be integrated in the Lallemand Bio-Ingredients division, which produces a range of inactive yeasts, yeast extracts and yeast derivatives from its plants in Canada, Denmark and Estonia, and services the food, flavour, fermentation and nutraceutical markets.


Lallemand, Inc. is a Canadian company specialised in yeast, bacteria and yeast derivatives. A major supplier of probiotics and silage inoculants in Europe, North America and Africa, the company also has a growing presence in Asia and South America.

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