August 4, 2017


FMD outbreak hits central Vietnam


A foot-and-mouth disease outbreak has hit a commune in Vietnam's central province of Quang Ngai, the communal authorities said on Thursday, Aug. 3, Xinhua reported.


The disease, which broke out in Tinh Hiep commune, Son Tinh district, has affected over 110 cows and bulls raised by 18 families, the news report said.


It said urgent isolation and disinfection measures have been imposed to prevent the FMD -an infectious and sometimes fatal viral disease that affects cloven-hoofed animals—from spreading to other communes.


Communal authorities have also requested some 2,500 doses of vaccines to treat the disease.


The FMD outbreak comes after the Department of Animal Health under the Vietnamese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development announced in May that Vietnam was free of foot-and-mouth and blue-ear diseases, as well as bird flu.