August 3, 2017


Cobb European seminar focuses on breed progress



The role of the Cobb European research centre in the growing success of the breed across the region was highlighted when more than 40 participants from across Europe met for a three-day Cobb Germany technical seminar in Budapest, Hungary.

"The breeding programme in Herveld is proving a great success for our company," said Hendrik Ahlers, sales manager of Cobb Germany. "With the continuing genetic progress, the feedback we receive from our customers about the Cobb500 has never been better."

"It is important to keep up-to-date with this part of the production chain as it plays such a vital role in unwrapping the genetic potential of our products." said James Truscott, director of Cobb Germany.

The event at Forsters Hunting Castle brought together European technical experts providing the latest expertise on breeder, broiler and hatchery management, with updates on the increasing sales of the Cobb breed from 16 countries in Europe and North Africa.


At the close of the meeting, Patrick van Trijp, senior account manager of Cobb Europe, spoke particularly of the ongoing improvement in feed conversion. "We see outstanding performance of our product in Europe with the Cobb500 delivering precisely everything the market needs." 


The winning Wimex flock achieved an average of 89.1% hatch until 60 weeks. The largest hatching egg and day-old chick producer in Europe, Wimex has Cobb as its breed of choice.


"Even with the great advance in our broiler results particularly in feed conversion, the breeder results remain at a high level so we have managed to combine the best of both worlds," van Trijp said. 


Wimex production director Stephan Klaassen van Husen added: "The Cobb breeder is an easy manageable bird which rewards you with consistent, predictable hatchability."


- Cobb