August 3, 2004



South Korea Flour Milling Co Seeks 18,500 MT US Wheat In Tender


South Korea's Korea Flour Milling Co. is seeking 18,500 metric tons of U.S. No. 1 wheat in a tender to be held at 0700 GMT Tuesday, said a Seoul-based company official.


Korea Flour will buy one cargo of milling wheat to be shipped from the Pacific Northwest between October 15 and November 15, the official said.


Below are the details of Korea Flour's buy tender Tuesday:


Quantity                Variety

(tons)                  (% = protein percentage)

3,000                   Soft white 10.5%

5,500                   Soft white 9.5%

5,000                   Hard Red Winter 11.5%

2,000                   Dark Northern Spring 14%

3,000                   Dark Northern Spring 14.5%

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