August 1, 2022

Spain develops tool for easier monitoring of antibiotic use in animals


Spain's Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food had developed a new tool to make it easier for farmers to self-monitor the use of antibiotics  within the Computerized System for the Control of Veterinary Antibiotic Prescriptions (PRESVET).

The tool will allow all holders registered in the General Register of Livestock Farms (REGA) to consult quarterly reports of livestock farm antibiotic use, with these prescriptions reported to PRESVET.

The information collected in the reports will show the habitual use of antibiotics on each livestock farm and will allow comparison, at the national level, with those of the same species and zootechnical classification. In this way, farmers will be able to directly evaluate antibiotic use on their farms.

Additionally, users can authorise one or more veterinarians (previously registered in PRESVET) to view the reports of their farms and facilitate their work in advising on antimicrobial resistance so that they can propose alternative measures to antibiotic use.

- MAPA (Spain)

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