August 1, 2012


Ukraine harvests 90% of early grains, leguminous crops forecast


Ukraine harvested early grains and leguminous plants throughout the areas of 8.78 million hectares or 90% of the forecast, totalling 21.28 million tonnes of grains with the average yield of 24.2 centners/hectare (c/ha) as of July 27, 2012.


At the same time, on the same date in 2011 the harvested grain volumes totalled 29.5 million tonnes with the average yield of 29.5 c/ha, declared the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine.


In particular, as of the reporting date in 2012 agrarians harvested winter barley throughout the areas of 679,300 hectares (99.8% of the plan), and produced 1.38 million tonnes of the grain with the average yield at 20.3 c/ha. Agrarians harvested winter wheat throughout 5 million hectares (92%), and produced 13.46 million tonnes with the yield of 26.9 c/ha.


Ukraine already harvested 236,800 tonnes of spring wheat throughout 97,600 hectares (42%). The average yield totalled 24.3 c/ha. Agrarians harvested 5.04 million tonnes of spring barley throughout 2.42 million hectares (93%), with the yield of 20.8 c/ha.


Besides, as of the reporting date agrarians harvested 513,100 tonnes of rye throughout the areas of 216,700 hectares (72%), with the average yield of 23.7 c/ha.


Agrarians harvested 357,300 tonnes of peas throughout the areas of 210,200 hectares (98%), with the average yield of 17 c/ha. Agrarians harvested winter rapeseed throughout the areas of 485,000 hectares (85% of the forecast), and produced 1.076 million tonnes with the average yield of 22.2 c/ha.


According to updated data from regions, Ukraine has to harvest early grains, leguminous crops and rapeseed throughout 10.3 million hectares (including wheat - 5.86 million hectares, barley - 3.47 million hectares, rye -303,000 hectares, oats - 310,000 hectares, peas - 247,000 hectares).

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