July 31, 2023


African swine fever under control in the Dominican Republic with positive vaccine results



The Minister of Agriculture of the Dominican Republic, Limber Cruz, said that the African swine fever (ASF) outbreak in the country is being effectively managed, with encouraging results from tests conducted with a vaccine, Dominican Today reported.


Among the 3,460 samples taken in the Domincan Republic, only 111 have tested positive for ASF, accounting for less than 3% of the samples. Despite the challenges posed by the outbreak, the situation is not leading to a complete collapse, and the government is actively working to control and address the spread of the disease.


Addressing concerns about the impact of pork imports on local pork producers, the Minister clarified that pork imports do not require authorisation from the Ministry of Agriculture.


While imports have increased in response to the ASF outbreak, he refuted claims that they were solely responsible for the challenges faced by local swine farmers. The ASF outbreak has indeed led to the elimination of some parts of the local swine farming industry.


To alleviate price increases in pork meat caused by certain producers, the government has implemented measures to stabilise the market. The minister said that the government is not obstructing pork imports and is taking proactive steps to ensure a stable and balanced market for consumers and producers alike.


The Dominican Republic previously experienced an outbreak of ASF in 1978 and had to report a new outbreak in July 2021, resulting in the culling of more than 51,000 swine. In response, the government is diligently working to control the disease and mitigate its impact on the country's swine farming industry.


-      Dominican Today

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