July 31, 2020


Animal rights activists oppose poultry farm project on Wales islet


Animal rights activists belonging to the group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) have called for the rejection of an application for the building of a poultry shed to house 32,000 free range birds on Anglesey island in Wales, describing it as a "chicken prison".


PETA has submitted a petition with over 18,000 signatures to the Anglesey Council opposing the project, North Wales Live reported.


Based on the application, the facility will cover over 3,200 square metres, with the poultry building measuring 68.6 metres long and incorporating a 10-metre wide egg room.  


The report said that the applicants and their family (names not provided) referred to RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) welfare standards in their application.


"The birds shall have access to roam the land lying to the east and west of the proposed building, which shall be dedicated pasture for the enterprise", the design and access statement accompanying the application said, as quoted in by North Wales Live.


Moreover: "The land will be fenced using electric fencing to keep predators out. Birds will be inspected at least once a day.


"The birds are Free Range and have an opportunity each day to exit the building and roam the designated ranging ground.


"The birds will exit the building using pop holes which are included in the design of the building".


PETA Director Elisa Allen, however, countered the proposed facility, saying, "Thousands of compassionate people have spoken, and Isle of Anglesey County Council should heed their concerns for animal welfare, the environment, and the health of the community," said.


"PETA is calling for this plan to be scrapped, sparing thousands of birds a lifetime of suffering and an agonising death".


Concerned authorities are expected to make a decision on the project's application over the coming months.