July 28, 2006


Russia's grain exports could total 7 million tonnes this year



Russia could export 7 million tonnes of grain in the current agricultural year, the president of the Russian Grain Union Arkady Zlochevsky said Thursday (Jul 27).


Russia's agricultural year starts from Jul 1, 2006 to Jun 30, 2007.


Zlochevsky said Russia would be able to hit this level if the gross harvest forecasts were accurate this year.


Experts say the 2006 grain crop would total about 72-75 million tonnes, whereas the Agriculture Ministry expects the harvest of 73 million tonnes of grain.


Zlochevsky said Russia had carryover reserves of 10.2 million tonnes, meaning there is a lot of export potential, if the grain crop proceeds as planned.


Last year, Russia's grain exports totaled 14 million tonnes, 2 million tonnes more than the 10-12 million tonnes projected by the Agriculture Ministry.

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