July 27, 2012


Ukraine experiences uptrend of corn planting areas



Ukraine faced the trend of increasing of corn planting areas during the recent years, declared Nikolai Bezugly, First Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, on Tuesday (July 24).


According to N.Bezugly, in the near future the trend will continue developing, as it is primarily beneficial for agricultural producers.


During recent two years Ukraine increased corn planting areas by two million hectares. The trend is a part of the programme "Grain of Ukraine". According to the programme, corn grain will cover one half of the grain produced in Ukraine, said the First Deputy Minister.


According to him, last year Ukraine exported 22 million tonnes of grains, including 14 million tonnes of corn. The export forecast for the present year is 24-25 million tonnes, including two-thirds of corn.

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