July 27, 2010

Bangladeshi poultry industry to take lead


The poultry sector is set to become a leading sector in Bangladesh within a decade, stakeholders said at a recent roundtable meeting.

At the meeting, the Breeders Association of Bangladesh said they were making progress despite bird flu, price rises of raw materials, market aggression from neighbouring countries and lack of support from the government.

Kazi Zahedul Hasan, President of Breeders Association of Bangladesh expressed said the investment in poultry sector would be doubled within the next five to seven years if the government extends its support. He claimed that the industry achieved 20% growth during the last 15 years.

Saidur Rahman Babu, secretary of Breeders Association, added that at present, there are five grandparent stock farms, 40-50 parent stock farms and hatcheries, 70,000 to 80,000 poultry farms and 15-20 poultry feedmills in the private sector. Veterinary medicines and several raw materials are also producing locally.

Saidur also said that besides egg and chicken, they were also producing chicken nuggets, sausages and several other fast-food items to meet the demand of the present generation.

Syed S. Kaiser Kabir, Adviser, Breeders Association, stressed the need for country strategy, long-term planning and its effective implementation to feed 10 million people to be added by 2015.

Meanwhile, the poultry leaders also raised their voice against a decision taken by the Department of Livestock to fix maximum price of day-old chicks, claiming it is illegal. They also demanded the withdrawal of Advance Income Tax on corn imports and the tax on pelleted feed production.

The breeders requested the government's prior planning and preparation for bird flu and urged farmers to maintain biosecurity and keeping healthy environment inside and outside the farms. They also demanded easy loans for new poultry farmers.

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