July 26, 2022


Dairy products in Ireland 50% more expensive this year compared to 2021


Ireland's Central Statistics Office (CSO) June 2022's Wholesale Price Index report showed that prices for dairy products in the country increased 49.1% compared to June 2021, Offaly Express reported.


The price of meat and meat products has increased by 14.5%, the price of grain milling, starches, and animal feeds has increased by 11.7%, and the price of food and beverages has increased by 9.9%. This is by far the largest price increase among all wholesale goods.


Jillian Delaney, a statistician in the Prices Division, said when compared to the same month last year, prices in several food categories produced by Irish manufacturers were significantly higher in June 2022.


Delaney said in June 2022 compared to June 2021, the manufacturing sector's producer price index increased by 6.2%. Products sold on the domestic market went up by 8%, while prices for exports went up by 6%.


She said prices charged for goods made in Ireland during the month rose by 0.6% on the domestic market. In May 2022, the price of manufactured goods for export dropped by 0.1%, and the overall producer price index for manufacturing was also down 0.1%.


-      Offaly Express

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