July 26, 2012


Ukraine considers increasing rapeseed, soy processing volumes


During a speech at the round table discussion "Harvest of oilseeds in Ukraine in 2012" Stepan Kapshuk, General Director of "Ukroliyaprom" association declared that they are considering it necessary to increase the processing volumes of rapeseed and soy in Ukraine.


According to him, the need for realisation of such policy is aimed at ridding of dependence of the Ukrainian oilseed market on solely the sunflower raw material.

The association always advises to the market participants not to building plants for processing of one agricultural crop only, but to construct the combined plants to be able to switch to processing of other oilseeds depending on the needs of the market, said S.Kapshuk.


He also said that to date Ukraine already constructed 11 specialised enterprises for processing of soy, and there are eight operating combined enterprises, which according to the technological regulations can process soy.


According to the forecast of "Ukroliyaprom", in 2012-13 marketing year (MY) the capacities of Ukrainian enterprises for processing of sunflower seed will grow to the level of 12.238 million tonnes per year (including 0.439 million tonnes - at the expense of reconstruction and modernisation of the existing plants, and 2.66 million tonnes - by building of the new plants).


In the reporting period, the soy processing capacities will increase from the level of 1.993 million tonnes to 2.448 million tonnes (0.235 million tonnes - at the expense of modernisation, and 0.22 million tonnes - at the expense of building of the new plants).


According to the forecast of "Ukroliyaprom", next season of the processing capacities will increase from 1.324 million tonnes to 1.357 million tonnes, due to construction of the new plant in Cherkasy oblast, added S.Kapshuk.

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