July 25, 2023


UK pork production lowest in 6 years



According to data from the UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), in June, the UK produced 74,700 tonnes of pork, marking a 7% decline in volume from May and an 11% drop compared to June 2022, UK Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board reported.


The reduction in production is primarily due to a decrease in the number of clean swine slaughtered, which amounted to 813,700 head for the month, down 6% and 11% compared to the previous month and year, respectively.


Carcase weights have also seen a decline in June, with an additional 400g drop, following a 700g decrease in May, bringing the current weight to 88.3kg.


In the year-to-date (Jan-Jun), the total UK pork production reached 457,100 tonnes, reflecting a 13% decrease compared to the volumes seen in the first half of the previous year, and it stands as the lowest volume for this period since 2017.


The decline is mainly driven by reduced slaughter, with a clean swine kill of 4.95 million head for the first six months of the year, representing an 11% decline compared to last year and the lowest number for this period since 2013.


-      UK Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board

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