July 25, 2022


Spain approves National Plan to combat antimicrobial resistance


The Sectorial Conference in Spain has approved the 2022-2024 strategic plan of the country's National Plan to address antimicrobial resistance.


The new plan provides continuity to the two previous plans that were in force from 2014 to 2021, and includes clear and precise measures to work on for the coming years.


The plan establishes six strategic lines that cover different relevant aspects to meet the objectives:


    - Surveillance of antibiotic use;


    - Control of antibacterial resistance;


    - Prevention measures;


    - Promotion of research;


    - Training and information for health professionals;


    - Communication and public awareness.


With the surveillance of antibiotic use, a series of actions are carried out, among which is the development of computer systems for the control of antibiotic treatments linked to livestock farming.


- MAPA (Spain)

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