July 25, 2022


Forecast for Argentina's wheat planting area revised downwards


The Buenos Aires grains exchange said that the forecast for Argentina's wheat planting area for the coming season had been reduced, as the South American nation deals with the effects of unfavourable weather, Reuters reported.


The exchange said in a report that the key wheat crop is expected to be planted across 6.1 million hectares (15.1 million acres) during the 2022/2023 harvesting season, down from 6.2 million hectares previously estimated for the cycle.


Argentina exports a significant amount of grains, including wheat and corn, which are both essential to the nation's sizable agricultural industry.


Since its initial 6.6 million hectare forecast in May, the revised wheat area forecast for the 2022–2023 cycle represents the fifth reduction from the exchange as various crop-producing regions experience ongoing drought.


Estimates for the upcoming cycle are lower than those for the current 2021/22 season, when Argentina planted 6.7 million hectares of wheat, yielding a record 22.4 million tonnes.


The centre of the nation's agriculture breadbasket was where the area reduction was most noticeable. The exchange added that recent frosts continued to delay "initial growth and cause tissue damage in early batches" despite rains last weekend not being sufficient to change the dry conditions at the end of the planting window.


After planting began in May of last year, the wheat harvest in 2022/23 will start around November.


Agricultural producers had 96.8% of the planned area planted as of July 20, according to the exchange.


The 2021/22 corn harvest, however, benefited from recent low rainfall, with production expected to remain at 49 million tonnes.


According to the exchange, 67.2% of the 7.3 million hectares of corn grown by Argentine farmers have already been harvested.


-      Reuters

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