July 25, 2013


Chile confirms presence of dioxin in poultry



The Chilean Agriculture and Livestock Service (SAG) has confirmed the presence of dioxins beyond the limit allowed by the law in a group of birds, after receiving the results of an analysis run at the international reference laboratory last week.


The group of birds was from the Vantage Slaughterhouse Plant belonging to the company AGROSUPER in the O'Higgins Region.


Having made the discovery at an early stage, SAG informed the competent authorities and target markets, asking for the removal of AGROSUPER products from the dioxin-tainted batch and also suspended the certification of the birds.


Meanwhile, the O'Higgins Health Authority stopped marketing the birds and proceeded to destroy the birds, which is according to protocol.


Prior to the confirmation of the preliminary samples, SAG, in coordination with the Health Authority, took all necessary measures to ensure that the birds distributed for consumption in domestic and international markets are dioxin-free thereby ensuring their safety.


SAG is still trying to find the cause of the poultry's contamination.

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