July 25, 2013


Ukraine sets minimum, maximum 2013-14 grain intervention prices



For 2013-14 marketing year, the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine determined the intervention prices for grains and flour.


The corresponding decree of the Ministry No.394 dated June 26, 2013 was registered in the Ministry of Justice on July 8, and made public on the official web-site of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.


According to the document, the minimum and maximum prices for 1-grade wheat total UAH2,021/tonne (US$248) and UAH2,470/tonne (US$304), respectively; 2-grade wheat - UAH1,841/tonne (US$226) and UAH2,250/tonne (US$277); 3-grade wheat - UAH1,736/tonne (US$213) and UAH2,122/tonne (US$261); 4-grade wheat - UAH1,667/tonne (US$205) and UAH2,037/tonne (US$250); 5-grade wheat - UAH1,480/tonne (US$182) and UAH1,809/tonne (US$222); 6-grade wheat - UAH1,437/tonne (US$177) and UAH1,756/tonne (US$216).


The Ministry of Agrarian Policy set the minimum and maximum prices for 1-grade rye at the level of UAH1,601/tonne (US$197) and UAH1,957/tonne (US$241), respectively; 2-grade rye - UAH1,525/tonne (US$187) and UAH1,864/tonne (US$229); 3-grade rye - UAH1,453/tonne (US$179) and UAH1,776/tonne (US$218).


According to the document, the minimum price of corn for the production of groats and flour - UAH1,532/tonne (US$188), for feed purposes - UAH1,477/tonne (US$182). In the present season the maximum price of corn for the production of groats and flour - UAH1,872/tonne (US$230), for feed purposes - UAH1,806/tonne (US$222).


The Ministry has also increased the maximum prices for 1-grade peas by 4.3%, setting them at the level of UAH3,858/tonne (US$474); 2-grade peas – up 3% (UAH3,530/tonne (US$434)). The maximum price for 1-grade oats was set at UAH3,227/tonne (US$397) (up 4.8%); 2-grade oats - UAH2,958/tonne (US$364) (up 3.4%); 3-grade oats - UAH2,689/tonne (US$331) (up 1.8%). The maximum intervention price for millet totals UAH3,362/tonne (US$413), 2-grade millet - UAH3,056/tonne (US$376). As a reminder, the minimum and maximum intervention prices are set within the approved range for purchasing of food to the Agrarian Fund.