July 25, 2013


Russia may restrict private pig farming to stop ASF spread



In order to prevent the rapid spread of African swine fever (ASF), the Russian government may consider imposing a total ban on private pig farming.


At the recent meeting the situation with the ASF attracted attention of the Russian Prime Minister, Dmitry Medvedev, who admitted that the active spread of the disease has become a real problem for the economy. According to the press-service the ban of private pig farming would reduce the ASF outbreaks in Russia and have the country defeat it in the future. However, the implementation of such a measure will cost the country about 30% of all pig stock.


The government proposes to eliminate the pigs not only in private farms, but also on all farms that do not provide a sufficient level of biological protection, commented the head of the executive committee of the National Meat Association, Sergey Yushin. According to Yushin, in private households currently there are about 30% of the pig population and 15% of the pig population is located at farms with insufficient levels of biological security.