July 25, 2011


UK discusses new egg production regulation



The impending tragedy to the UK egg industry was emphasised by Mark Williams, Chief Executive of the British Egg Industry Council (BEIC), if the execution of the forthcoming Welfare of Laying Hens Directive is not applied properly across Europe.


In order to make sure that UK fulfills the requirement of the directive on time, GBP400 million (US$652 million) was invested in the sector. Williams also asked the European Commission to come forth with definite proposals to handle eggs and eggs products that will come from hens kept in conventional battery cages as these products will be illegal from January 1, 2012.


According to BEIC data, almost 25% of EU egg output, or about 70 million eggs a day, will become illegal when implementation takes place. Although the European Commission has indicated that the prohibition will be launched on time, the BEIC believes many producers in other member states will not meet the deadline and that solutions are needed to halt the potential trade in illegal eggs.

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