July 24, 2013


Oman destroys 78 tonnes of frozen Brazilian chicken


In cooperation with specialists in the quarantine department at the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Oman's Muscat Municipality has destroyed 77.9 tonnes of Brazilian frozen chicken after laboratory tests proved that the chicken were unfit for consumption.


The municipality has also increased inspection drives across different wilayats of the governorate.


"As part of this drive, inspectors of the municipality have visited 1,004 foodstuff establishments which have resulted in the closure of four shops and issuance of 62 notices," the release stated. Municipality inspectors have also destroyed 72 kilogrammes and 41 cans of food items along with 16 kitchen appliances.


At Mawaleh Central Market the inspectors carried out 1,013 inspection visits, which resulted in the closure of one shop, issuance of 10 notices and disposal of 27.93 tonnes of fruits and vegetables. The intensive inspection campaign focuses on ensuring that establishments adhere to municipality specifications and standards.


An official at the Muscat Municipality said that the municipality has intensified inspection visits during the Holy Month of Ramadan by carrying out surprise raids on a daily basis.


Meanwhile, the Municipality of Ibra intensified its inspections of markets, shops and restaurants to ensure availability of only good quality food for the citizens and residents.

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