July 24, 2012


Ukraine's 2012 grain, leguminous crops acreage down 1%



Compared to 2011, Ukraine planted grains and leguminous crops for the harvest in 2012 throughout the areas of 15.565 million hectares, a fall of 1% (or 158,600 hectares), informed the State Statistics Service of Ukraine on July 23.


The planted areas of wheat (winter and spring) also decreased compared to the index in 2011 - down 14.6% (to 5.791 million hectares). The planted areas of barley (winter and spring) reduced by 9.2% - to 3.439 million hectares.


However, the State Statistics Service noted a significant increase of corn planted areas in 2012 - up 30.4% to 4.72 million hectares. Besides, Ukraine increased the planted areas of rye (winter and spring) by 6.5% - to 302,000 hectares.


As for the planted areas under sunflower seed in 2012, the areas remained at the level of the previous year - 4.89 million hectares, against 4.74 million hectares in the previous year (up 3.2%). It is also should be noted about a significant increase of soy planted areas in the current year in Ukraine - to 1.47 million hectares (up 29.7%), and the same significant reduction of rapeseed areas (winter and spring) - to 566,500 hectares (down 34.9%).

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