July 23, 2020


More than 24,000 swine killed by African swine fever in Indonesia this year


Local authorities in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), Indonesia said more than 24,000 swine have died due to African swine fever (ASF) since the start of this year, Asia One reported.


Artati Loasana, NTT Animal Husbandry Agency acting head said 24,822 swine have died from ASF in 11 out of 21 regencies in the province.  The data does not include July numbers.


6,919 swine were killed in the Belu regency, followed by 3,388 in Kupang, 3,030 in South Central Timor, 2,679 in West Sumba, 2,327 in Rote Ndao, 2,046 in Southwest Sumba, 1,496 in North Central Timor, 1,186 in Alor, 731 in Malaka, 489 in Sabu Raijua, 332 in Sikka and 249 in Kupang city.


Last month, the agency said 19,000 swine were killed from ASF between February to mid-June this year.


Nikolaus Umbu Birri, Belu Animal Husbandry Agency head said ASF outbreaks peaked in February and March, with no new deaths reported over the last few days.


Yohanis Radamuri, East Sumba Animal Husbandry Agency head said officers have been deployed to spray disinfectant in all resident onwed livestock pens to curb the spread of the virus . Swine owners have been informed to increase sanitation and monitor their feeding management.


-          Asia One

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