July 23, 2019


ICC Brazil enters into long-term partnership with Lallemand




ICC Brazil announced last Friday that it has entered into a long-term global partnership with Lallemand Animal Nutrition (LAN) for the research, development, and supply of inactive yeast products and derivatives derived from sugar cane ethanol.


Brazil is one of the leading countries for ethanol production. The fermentation of sugar cane molasses or juices generates large quantities of spent yeast co-products that can be harvested and dried.


Over recent years, LAN has developed a unique expertise in the qualification of the chemical and physical structure of yeast cell wall, introducing new tools such as Atomic Force Microscopy and in-vitro models to measure the binding capacities (against pathogens and toxins) and immune modulation effects of such products. In parallel, Lallemand has been working on the selection of specific yeast strains that offer unique properties while producing high yields of ethanol.


These new research programmes have identified new properties and benefits for end-users from ethanol-based yeast co-products, leading ICC, and LAN to enter into collaborative discussions. These discussions resulted in the decision to formalise a partnership to further develop ICC's upstream expertise and LAN's technology leadership by undertaking joint research and development work on yeast cell wall and derivatives.


The new partnership will secure a dedicated supply from ICC's contracted sugar/ethanol mills of characterised yeast cell wall products and yeast derivatives, which will be marketed by LAN under its brands to its customers. Additionally, Lallemand Group will bring its knowledge and expertise around yeast selection and production, LAN will use its R&D capabilities to deploy its discoveries in terms of yeast downstream modification further using specific, and new enzyme blends applied on specific strains in dedicated plants. ICC will provide its know-how and expertise in ethanol yeast production based on over 25 years of successful off-take from its network of Brazilian sugar mills.


While the value of yeast cell walls are well demonstrated and widely accepted by the animal nutrition marketplace, there is further work required to identify and select new strains with higher and more consistent performance effects on several species. Both ICC and LAN strongly believe that yeast can become a reliable source of alternative protein at a time when sustainability has become a significant concern for the animal production industry, especially in aquaculture.


The LAN and ICC Brazil commercial networks will remain separate, and ICC Brazil will continue to sell its full range of existing products to its customers through its offices in Brazil, Europe, United States, Asia, and South America.


ICC Brazil chief executive officer and co-founder, Glycon Duarte, said, "I am excited about the partnership between Lallemand and us because it will enable us to access technologies that will enhance the quality of our products. While ICC Brazil and Lallemand's distribution network and product portfolio will be kept separate, our clients will benefit from the offer of new high-quality yeast derivatives.


Yeast production in Brazil still has a lot of growth opportunities and, with Lallemand's technical support, we are confident that we will keep leading the growth of this industry and exceed the expectations of our customers."

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