July 22, 2022


Novus' new breeder book aims to aid in management, performance and sustainability



A new book on poultry breeder production by Novus International, Inc. will come at a crucial time "as we see the escalating increase in meat protein production and consumption worldwide," a statement in the publication's preface states, highlighting an industry reality – the demand for safe, quality, nutritious meat protein is growing but producers face challenges.


Novus will launch the book in August.


Titled "Breeder Management and Nutrition: Moving the industry forward", the book's 14 chapters were carefully curated to serve as a reference for current broiler breeder production best practices and considerations as well as to be a catalyst for new ideas in management, nutrition and industry sustainability.


"We know in order to meet the production goals of tomorrow, each part of the industry must work together today," said Sandrine Durox, Novus poultry solutions manager who serves as book co-curator together with Novus executive regional technical services manager Silvia Peris and Professor Johan Buyse of KU Leuven, who served as scientific coordinator.


"This book brings together the knowledge and know-how of academics, researchers, industry leaders, breeding companies, nutrition companies, veterinarians and nutritionists to consider how each part of the broiler breeder's lifecycle can be impacted to optimise performance and positively impact the producer and the industry."

The book's contributors include Eddy Decuypere (KU Leuven), Aitor Arrazola (Perdue University), Rick van Emous and Annemarie Mens (Wageningen Livestock Research), Henk Enting (Cargill), Dinabandhu Joardar (Cargill), Edgar O. Oviedo-Rondón (North Carolina State University), Rebecca Forder (University of Adelaide), Johan Buyse (KU Leuven), Juan Carlos Abad and Robin Jarquin (Cobb-Vantress), David Cavero Pintado and Xabier Arbe Ugalde (H&N International), and Stanislaw Budnik, Juxing Chen, Silvia Peris, Hugo Romero-Sanchez and Mercedes Vázquez-Añón (Novus).


"It was important to have contributors from recognised academia, as well as experts from the industry and breeding companies, to properly cover the vast array of topics ranging from practical management, nutrition (quality and quantity), welfare, (epi)genetics and physiology," Buyse said.


Novus will host the official book launch on August 8 during the World Poultry Congress 2022 in Paris, France. Presented by the France branch of The World's Poultry Science Association, the 26th annual congress includes a five-day scientific programme covering sustainability, health, nutrition, genetics, meat quality, broiler management and other topics on species ranging from chicken, turkey and duck to geese, quail and pigeons. The event is expected to attract more than 3,000 participants from 100 countries. Novus is a gold sponsor of WPC 2022.


"World Poultry Congress is the perfect venue to launch this book," said Hugo Romero-Sanchez, Novus global poultry solutions executive manager. "The goal of WPC is to contribute to solving the challenges of poultry production for the benefit of the global population. This book takes that goal and focuses on the breeder sector with an emphasis on broiler breeders, which is responsible for not only maintaining the health and productivity of the parent flock but also the success of their progeny."


- Novus

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