July 22, 2020


Novus holds gut health webinar series



Novus recently held a webinar titled "Nutritional Interventions in Improving Gut Health for Poultry" with Dr. Frances Yan, the company's senior poultry nutrition research scientist, on July 9.

The webinar was the first part of the Novus Gut Health Webinar Series which features four experts in the area of gut health and antibiotic reduction throughout July and August 2020.

What happens in an animal's gut affects every part of its development. Damage to the intestinal barrier caused by pathogens reduces health and absorption of nutrients. It is well known that antibiotics inhibits growth of certain pathogenic microorganisms but recent consumer and regulatory demands for antibiotic-free chicken and pork limits its use.

An animal with a healthy gut requires lesser such interventions of antibiotic usage. A healthy gut ultimately helps an animal meet its growth potential in a sustainable way.

According to Dr. Yan, maintaining poultry gut health is multifaceted. Oversupply of nutrients in lumen, dysbacteriosis, morphological and function alternations, and digestion failure constitutes a vicious circle. Dr. Yan mentioned that dietary interventions have shown to be effective in alleviating certain aspects of the vicious circle and went over some use cases including protease's effect on oversupply of nutrients in lumen and digestion failure, organic acid's effect on dysbacteriosis as well as chelated trace minerals and essential oil's effect on morphological and function alterations. She also discussed how optimal and combination use of these dietary solutions can assist producers in maximising their return on investments.


For more information on upcoming webinars, please visit: https://www.novusint.com/th-th/Events/guthealthwebinarseries


- Novus