July 22, 2014

EU to record above-average grain yield in 2014: EU



The European Union is set to record above-average grain and oilseed yields this summer, helped by generally good growing conditions, the EU's crop monitoring unit said.


Forecasts by the MARS unit of cereal yields almost stayed the same as its June estimates at levels mostly above average. It however stated concerns for the quality of winter grains in Germany and for summer crops in eastern France.


Only spring barley and durum wheat were forecast to come in below average, having been hit by bad weather.


The average yield of rapeseed, the primary oilseed crop in the EU, was projected at 3.32 tonnes per hectare (t/ha) this year, up from last month's forecast of 3.21 t/ha. The latest figure would be 6.9% above last year's and 8.4% above the five-year average.


The increase in rapeseed yields was especially high in Britain and France, where they were expected to increase 13 and 28% respectively from 2013 levels as crops benefited from favourable conditions throughout the season. Yields in top rapeseed producer Germany are expected to rise 6% from 2013 and 11% on the five-year average.