July 22, 2003


CJ Vina Agri Aims To Become Market Leader For Feed Production In Vietnam 


CJ Vina Agri's feed plant in Vietnam started production only in March 2001 but its monthly turnover has already reached VND30 billion.  Currently, it has about 7% of the domestic market share.

Last week, the wholly Korean-owned company inaugurated a shrimp feed factory, the Master Shrimp Feed Factory, that has the capacity to produce 12,000 tons of both powder and pellet products to meet customers'requirements.

Lee Kang John, general director of CJ Vina Agri, said that the company aims to become the leader in the breeding industry in five years'time.

Total feed demand sin Vietnam is about 10 million tons per annum. The industry is dominated by foreign animal feed companies like Cargill of the US, CP of Thailand, New Hope of China, Uni President of Taiwan and the Viet Nam France join venture Pro Conco.

Local feed producers, numbering around 130, are mostly small scale producers concentrated in North Vietnam.
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