July 20, 2015


Strong harvest for Western European wheat despite heat



Wheat in Western Europe is close to reaching high harvest volumes, having recently braved through hot and dry weathers, analysts said. Particularly in France, harvesting there is in full swing although yields will fall short of output potential during spring.   


According to Jean-Sebastien Jacquet, an analyst with Strategie Grains, spring crops struggled more than soft wheat but a decent output can still be observed due to achieved states of physiological maturity in several regions.


For soft wheat, Strategie Grains expected an EU output of 140.9 million tonnes after slashing 700,000 tonnes from a previous forecast. The volume hovered around 140 million tonnes based on an EU forecast which dropped from 149 million tonnes seen last year.


In the meantime, the possibility of damages against late-maturing wheat persisted in Germany and the far north of France.


Further west of Europe, conditions for wheat crops in the UK had been alleviated by timely downpours.


In 2015, wheat in the region will fall from 16.6 million tonnes recorded in the last season, settling at a range of about 15-15.5 million tonnes. Still, the volume stood above the five-year average of 14.4 million tonnes, said Jack Watts from the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board.

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