July 19, 2011


Ukrainian wheat returns to Egyptian grain market



Egypt's GASC, state operator on the Egyptian market, has decided to add Ukrainian wheat to their tenders for grain purchasing, according to representatives  from Egyptian trading companies.


Analysts forecast the further decline of wheat prices in the world because of the impending competition of Russian and Ukrainian wheat for the Egyptian market, which we can trace even within frames of the next tender of GASC.


GASC requirements for wheat from Ukraine will be the same as for the Russian grain. The minimum percentage of protein content in the product must be over the minimum level of 11.5%. The structure of grains shipped to the importer, should be entirely absent admixture of ambrosia, and the minimum volume of loading in the port is increased from 8,000 to 9,000 tonnes per day. The issue on the quality of imported wheat is one of the most critical for a long time, especially when it comes to grain supplies from the Black Sea region, which usually have rich alloy of ambrosia, agrostemma, saponaria.


Originally, beginning from November 20, 2008, after numerous scandals associated with the qualitative parameters of imported Ukrainian wheat, grain import operations from Ukraine within frames of the state purchases of Egypt were stopped.

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