July 18, 2006

Adisseo presents new version of nutrition guide Rhodimet NG

Press release


Adisseo, a global leader in methionine, has presented a new version of its nutrition guide Rhodimet NG. Available in July 2006, this interactive reference tool optimises amino acid requirements and secures feed formulation.


A unique modelling tool for amino acid recommendations, Rhodimet NG offers feedmillers and premixers customised solutions for amino acid optimisation, whatever the production strategy. These tailored recommendations take into consideration specific parameters set by each user regarding species, genetic lines (17 lines are included), sex, age, performances, stocking density, temperature and energy.


As the only in vivo amino acid database, Rhodimet NG provides homogeneous, accurate and reliable information that is measured using a proven methodology, based on trials conducted in actual field conditions. Rhodimet NG is permanently updated and this new version gives professionals access to 2,000 total amino acids and 710 digestible amino acids.


With Rhodimet NG, amino acid requirements are optimally fulfilled and feed formulation is secured because the raw material variability is taken into account. The economical return is also maximised because Rhodimet NG enables feed cost reduction and greater flexibility in reducing protein content.


Rhodimet NG is one of the cornerstones of Adisseo's "Team up for Total Efficiency with Rhodimet" programme, a carefully tailored collaborative approach that ensures total efficiency of amino acid usage for Adisseo's customers.



Rhodimet NG can be downloaded from: www.adisseo.com