July 18, 2003


Limited Transactions In Peru Fishmeal Market At Current Prices


For the week ending July 6, Peru's fish haul was 88,600 tons, a decline of 4,300 tons or 4.6%, from the 92,900 tons caught in week 26. Fishing activity remained concentrated around the Paita region.


Compared to the 101,600 tons caught during the same period last year, it was 13,000 tons or 12% lower.


As at July 6, the total fish haul for year-to-date stands at 3,202,800 tons. Compared to the 5,215,140 tons caught during the same period last year, it is a sharp decline of 38% or 2,012,340 tons.


Fishing conditions have deteriorated with the advent of the winter season. It is increasingly difficult to fish for anchovy following the fall in ocean temperature and the dispersion of fish from the catchment areas.


For week 28 (Jul 7-13), the fishing haul was 85,823 tons, a sharp decline of 70% or 190,000 tons from the 277,000 tons during the same period last year.


With the daily average at around 10,000 tons (the haul for Jul 14 was 13,275 tons), the 3 million tons quota will soon be reached.


On 15 July, the official newspaper,"El Peruno" announced that the seasonal winter ban will start from Jul 21, for the regions stretching from Paita to Atico. The gazette did not state the end date for the fishing ban. However, if there is no delay to the breeding period, the ban should be lifted around October (although it was lifted on Nov 3 last year).


In the Peruvian fishmeal market, trading of FAQ fishmeal was limited to transactions for a few container loads, for Aug/Sep shipment. The situation for S/D fishmeal was somewhat similar. Current offers for FAQ fishmeal ranged from US$580-585 /ton (FOB). With the fishing ban commencing on Jul 21, suppliers are under no selling pressure. On the other hand, there is no buying interest from Europe and Iran at current prices.


Source: Coland Group

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