July 17, 2014


South Korea postpones action to permit zilpaterol feed additive in beef


South Korea has postponed a move to permit specific levels of the zilpaterol feed additive in beef, to August 2014 as it concludes the policy, said a food ministry official.


Previously, mid-July was set as the date for action.


Seoul had already postponed the step to ease its zero-tolerance policy on zilpaterol-based drugs, such as Merck & Co Inc's Zilmax, from June after a request by China.


The unnamed official said that South Korea would allow imports of beef muscle with one part per billion (ppb) of zilpaterol, five ppb in beef liver and 10 ppb in beef kidney as previously reported by Reuters.


South Korea suspended some US beef imports for more than two months in 2013 after traces of zilpaterol were found in two shipments. Many Asian and European countries also ban the additive due to concerns about its side effects.

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