July 16, 2013


Ukraine may become top three in world grain exports


In 10 years' time, Ukraine is well-placed to enter the top three position of crops exporters, particularly coarse grain crops, according to the country's First Deputy Prime Minister, Serhiy Arbuzov.


Arbuzov revealed that in the 2012-13 marketing year, domestic farmers exported 23 million tonnes of grain, one million tonnes more than last year.


"The views for the future for us are even more ambitious. According to the estimates of international experts, by 2021, Ukraine will be able to produce 65 million tonnes of grain and supply to foreign markets about 31 million. This will allow it to enter the top three in terms of crop sales abroad, particularly coarse grain crops," the First Deputy Prime Minister's press service said.


Arbuzov also noted that in parallel with the supply of such large amounts of grain abroad, the government could ensure food security in the country.


In order to avoid grain shortages in Ukraine, the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food signed a memorandum with the grain traders. Through these agreements, the government and business will decide the amount of grain to be exported annually. Arbuzov emphasised that it is one of the best examples of effective public-private partnership.

According to the agriculture ministry, over the past seven years, Ukraine has supplied 14.7 million tonnes of grain on average abroad. Therefore, the amount of this year's grain exports is one of the largest since independence. In the 2013-14 marketing year, Ukraine will be able to export up to 26 million tonnes of grain.


Meanwhile, grain stocks at agricultural enterprises in Ukraine, apart from small ones, and at enterprises that store and process grain, amounted to nine million tonnes as of July 1, 2013, which is 8% down over-year, Ukraine's State Statistics Service has said.


Wheat stocks amounted to 4.5 million tonnes, those of barley stood at 2.1 million tonnes, corn at 1.8 million tonnes, and rye at 200,000 tonnes.


Grain reserves just at agricultural enterprises weighed in at 5.4 million tonnes as of July 1, which was 9% more than a year earlier, including 2.6 million tonnes of wheat, 1.4 million tonnes of barley, and one million tonnes of corn.