July 16, 2003


Little Market Activity in European Lysine Market


There was hardly any market activity in the European lysine market. Most feed millers are sufficiently bought up to at least early September.


Prices generally hover at around Euro 1.92 / kg. Spot purchases were concluded with producers or traders in the range of Euro 1.90 / kg to Euro 1.95 /kg. China-produced lysine was reportedly available at slightly below this price range.

The market in USA is reported to be stable with full truckload lysine being offered in the price range of 1.95 kg - US 2.05 kg. Outside China, feed millers in Asia are reportedly being offered in the price range of US$1.72 / kg to US$1.80 / kg CIF port. Major feed millers were said to secure supply at just below US 1.72 kg.

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