July 16, 2003


Vietnamese Fisheries Exports Rose 22% In First Half Of 2003


For the first half of 2003, Vietnam's fisheries exports totaled $998 million, an increase of 22 percent compared to the same period last year.


Deputy fisheries minister Nguyen Viet Thang said that it was a remarkable achievement as exporters had to overcome disadvantages such as the outbreak of SARS, the ongoing economic slump and the catfish dispute with the US.


Exports to Europe and the US rose by 88% and 40% to $43.3 million and $277 million respectively.


However, exports to Hong Kong and mainland China were down 40 per cent due to the outbreak of SARS.


Also, the industry had to cope with falling prices and a supply shortage although new markets were found in Australia, Russia and Korea.

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