July 15, 2022


BRF to export pork to Canada


Major Brazilian meatpacker BRF SA unit in Santa Catarina state has been approved to export fresh pork and frozen pork cuts to Canada, Nasdaq reported.


This is the second BRF plant approved for exports to Canada this year, following the approval of a Parana facility unit to export cooked poultry in May.


Leonardo Dall'Orto, vice president of international market and planning of BRF, said the new certification is a milestone, as it symbolises the opening of an important market for a new type of product, creating the possibility that new authorizations will materialise soon, and positively impacting our export volume.


Brazilian meat imports were permitted into Canada in March. According to the meat industry association ABPA, since then, seven factories have been given the go-ahead to sell their goods, with BRF's being the eighth.


Canada has thus far approved two units for Seara Alimentos, which is owned by JBS JBS SA, the largest meat company in the world.


Despite being the third-largest pork exporter in the world, Canada is also a significant buyer on the global market, according to ABPA.


ABPA said Canada imports 250,000 tonnes of pork a year on average.


-      Nasdaq

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