July 15, 2014

FAO predicts worldwide production shift from grain to meat



The UN FAO predicts that global agriculture will increasingly shift towards meat and milk production, away from traditional rice and grain, in line with changing consumer tastes, AFP reports.


The joint report by the FAO and Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) of 34 leading world economies contained price and production forecasts till 2023.


By then, global meat production will have risen by 58 million tonnes - with developing countries making up 80% of that increase.


The largest gains will be for poultry - half of the total - and pork at 30%, as poultry is an inexpensive protein source that is not subject to any religious or cultural bans.


The changing structure of global agricultural production encourages a relative shift towards coarse grains and oilseeds to meet demands for food, feed and biofuel, away from staple food crops like wheat and rice, according to the report.


The report also found that China's population alone will make up half of the global increase in meat consumption.


The largest production gains will come from Asia and Latin America and the Americas as a whole will consolidate their leading position in global markets, while Africa and Asia will have to raise imports to feed growing domestic demand.