July 14, 2009


Chr Hansen develops GalliPro Tect for poultry
Press Release

With growing consumer and industry demand for natural poultry products and inputs, Chr. Hansen has developed GalliPro Tect, one of the first generation 2.0 direct fed microbials.


As a natural alternative to antibiotic growth promoters (AGPs), GalliPro Tect is proven to help increase body weight and feed conversion, along with reducing mortality and lesions scores typically brought on by Necrotic Enteritis.


GalliPro Tect contains select Bacillus microbials that survive the pelleting process and is available to the market as both a water soluble product (GalliPro Tect WS) and a feed grade product (GalliPro Tect).  Neogen Corporation and Huvepharma are the distributors for the GalliPro Tect products.


Bill Braman, PhD, VP Sales and Marketing Chr. Hansen Animal Health and Nutrition, said, ''The results from numerous controlled research and field research trials demonstrate that GalliPro Tect is an effective tool to decrease the incidence of Necrotic Enteritis in poultry broilers. In poultry challenged with Clostridium perfringens, results showed significant decreases in mortality and intestinal lesion scores when feeding GalliPro Tect.''


Necrotic enteritis (NE) is a serious condition where poultry lose the ability to digest nutrients from the feed with the risk of death within only few days. The condition causes much suffering for the chicken and represents a serious loss to the producers. Recent European surveys estimate the economic impact of NE on global poultry producers to US$2 billion annually.


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