July 13, 2022


Indonesia has vaccinated 422,401 heads of cattle against food and mouth disease


Data from the Indonesian government's food and mouth disease (FMD) Handing Task Force showed that 422,401 heads of cattle have received the FMD vaccine as of July 12, Antara reported.


According to the information received from the task force, the FMD outbreak has so far affected 246 districts and cities across 22 Indonesian provinces, with cattle making up the majority of the infected farm animals.


350,457 animals have been infected with FMD in animals. 112,299 of the animals have recovered, 230,719 are still ill, and 2,095 have passed away.


339,161 cattle, 7,769 buffalo, 1,166 sheep, 2,314 goats, and 47 swine are among the infected animals. The farm animals that have been found include 107,947 cattle, 3,265 buffaloes, 510 sheep, and 1,277 goats.


Due to the disease's prevalence in 50% of the provinces' districts and cities, a number of them have been designated as FMD red zones. West Sumatra, Aceh, Riau, North Sumatra, West Java, Central Java, Bali, and West Kalimantan are a few of them.


Indonesia's Ministry of Agriculture launched a vaccination programme for livestock in the Sidoarjo district of East Java to stop the spread of FMD in Indonesia.


Healthy animals at high risk of infection, such as those at livestock breeding facilities, locally owned dairy farms, cooperative dairy farms, and farms raising beef cattle, are given priority when receiving vaccine doses.


Wiku Adisasmito, the coordinator for the FMD Task Force's expert team, had earlier stated that the task force had created guidelines for the movement of livestock during the outbreak.


On July 7, he stated at a press conference that animals and their products must be quarantined for 14 days prior to travel, and if the animals exhibit symptoms, they must be tested.


-      Antara

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