July 13, 2022


Seafood exports from China 16% up year-on-year


China's seafood exports in the first five months of 2022 reached US$9.297 million, up 15.97% year-on-year, Fish Information & Services reported.


Customs statistics show that in May, exports of goods and aquatic products totaled US$2.236 billion, up 22.2% from the previous year, and a volume of 349,300 tonnes, up 11.62%.


The amount of aquatic and marine products exported in the first five months was US$9.297 million, up 15.97% from the same period last year; the volume exported was 14,777 million tonnes, up 2.25%.


The top ten exporting nations or regions for aquatic and marine goods between January to May 2022 were Japan, the US, Thailand, South Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Mexico, accounting for a combined 75.94% of the export value of these goods.


Japan was the most significant export market for aquatic products in those first five months, accounting for US$1,604 million in exports, an increase of 10.62% year-on-year. The value of exports in May was US$409 million, an increase of 8.55% from the previous year.


-      Fish Information & Services

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