July 12, 2013


UK falling short on beef and lamb exports to meet demands


Industry experts have warned that the United Kingdom is not producing enough beef or lamb to satisfy the growing demand for British meat.


Despite a growing demand in new markets for British meat, recent figures indicate that there is a worldwide shortage of beef and lamb. With both sheep and beef export numbers down from last year, the UK is not producing enough meat to satisfy the industry.


Jean-Pierre Garnier, export manager at Eblex, said that the UK is falling short of its true export potential.


"We do not support what demand is out there, we do not have enough lamb [and beef] at the moment and that is damaging the market. We need to produce more meat in the UK"


UK's beef forecast for 2013 is down to 121,300 tonnes, compared to 144,299 tonnes achieved in 2011. With a worldwide shortage, the UK is not meeting export demand.


Chief livestock adviser for the National Farmers Union (NFU) hinted that lamb production in the UK was "significantly disrupted" over the last 12 months due to drought and then record levels of rainfall which affected the quantity and quality of forage.