July 12, 2012


Ukraine reaps grain on over 40% of total crops' acreage



Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov said at a Cabinet of Ministers meeting on Wednesday (July 11) that grain on more than 40% of the total area under grain crops have already been harvested by Ukrainian farmers.


"The harvesting campaign has reached a decisive stage. Grain was harvested from four million hectares - more than 40% of the total area," the head of government said.


He said that all regions in the country were involved in the harvesting campaign. The average yield of wheat in the country's central regions is more than 30 quintals per hectare, he said.


"We currently have eight million tonnes of grain of the new harvest. These are fairly good figures. There will be enough bread grain for domestic consumption and exports," the prime minister said.


He also expressed confidence that taking into account the situation on foreign markets, the price of Ukrainian grain would be profitable. "This means that domestic farmers can rely not only on the repayment of funds they invested, but also on a decent profit," Azarov said.

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