July 12, 2012


German farm found to have dioxin-tainted eggs


Eggs from a German farm have been found to contain high levels of the poison dioxin, making it the eighth recent case since April, Reuters reports.


The Bundesland Hesse's food warning service reported that the eggs were found on a poultry farm near Loehnberg, through the farms own safety checks. The eggs from the farm are being recalled.


The previous dioxin discoveries were in eggs at farms in Lower Saxony and North Rhine Westphalia. In January 2011, German officials said animal feed tainted with dioxin had been fed to hens and pigs, contaminating eggs, poultry meat and pork at affected farms, triggering a EU-wide health alert.


Germany then introduced a series of measures including restrictions on animal feed ingredients and increased inspections of farms and feed.

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