July 12, 2011


WEDA introduces new dosificator

Press Release


The round dosificator for dry and wet pigs' feed components of WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp is now available in two spacious variations of six and ten cubic metres of intermediate storage capacity.


Since the early eighties, WEDA of Lutten have been the only providers and producers for intermediate storage containers of glass fibre reinforced plastic (GFK) for CCM and wet grain. These properties make GFK an ideally suited material. The containers are cost-effective, stable, lightweight, and the material remains undamaged when in contact with corrosive materials.


Based on this experience, the new dosificators have undergone an improvement: for both sizes there is now a GFK cover available which is operated by an electrical lifting mechanism. The lid protects against rain water and contaminations, such as bird droppings. The constructors have added special insert panels to the large 10-cubic metre model for even greater stability.


All previous dimensions were kept as they were. Stable construction components like the proven motor were also taken over by the Lower Saxons. A double sword of hardened steel with a diameter of 1.65 m is operated inside the WEDA round dosificator which reduces the feed to small pieces and then doses it out. This way, the dosing-out volume is clearly higher when compared with single swords. Due to the special steel the sword has a longer life span even under heavy use.


Additional advantages of the WEDA round dosificator include: discharge extruder with a diameter of 200 mm of high grade steel; pipe worm conveyors with a diameter of 200 mm of high grade steel; the product touching parts are made of high grade steel or of GFK; and the drive is in a rain-protected position underneath the dosificator.

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