July 12, 2004



Thailand Hoping For Minimal US Anti-dumping Duty On Shrimp Exports


Thailand's Ministry of Commerce hopes Thai shrimp exports will face only a minimal tariff when the US announces an anti-dumping duty late this month.


The Commerce Minister, Mr. Watana Muangsook, told TNA Saturday that the ministry sent a senior foreign trade official to the US early this month to lobby for the minimal anti-dumping duty.


''Our official visited the US and explained to his counterpart why the prices of Thai shrimps in the US were different from Thai prawns sold in Japan. We told the US that we have not mistreated them, but prawns are always sold at cheaper prices if they are smaller in size,'' said Mr. Watana.


The US has investigated whether shrimp imports from Thailand, China, Brazil, Equador, Vietnam, and India were being sold in the US at below home-market prices, making them liable for anti-dumping duties.


Mr. Watana said he expected the US to announce the anti-dumping duty on Thai shrimps on 28 July.


''I believe we will face a lower tariff than the other five countries will. However, I am not able to tell you now of how much the duty will be. But once the US's decision comes out, the Commerce Ministry will urgently inform our shrimp exporters to minimise its impact,'' he said.


The US is Thailand's largest market for shrimps, with its imports accounting for more 100,000 tonnes a year.


Some Thai shimp exporters warned that the US anti-dumping duty, though minimal, would only damage their business.

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