July 11, 2012


Ukraine reaps over seven million tonnes of early grain, leguminous crops


Ukrainian Agricultural Policy and Food Minister Mykola Prysiazhniuk said that as of July 9, Ukraine harvested over seven million tonnes of early grain and leguminous crops.


"Early grain and leguminous crops were threshed on an area of 3.6 million hectares. Farmers have already harvested seven million tonnes of grain, including 4.8 million tonnes of wheat, two million tonnes of barley, 16,000 tonnes of rye and 234,000 tonnes of peas. The harvesting of oats has started, and 11,000 tonnes have already been threshed," the press service of the Agricultural Policy and Food Ministry quoted Prysiazhniuk as saying.


In addition, the harvesting of winter rape and the procurement of fodder for livestock needs are continuing.


"Winter rape has currently been threshed on an area of 200,000 hectares. Farmers have already threshed 391,000 tonnes of this crop, with the yield being 19.6 quintals per hectare. In addition, the procurement of fodder for the needs of the livestock sector is continuing. Farmers have currently prepared 4.6 million tonnes of hay, which is 90% of the target, as well as 1.4 million tonnes of silage," Prysiazhniuk said.


According to the latest reports from the regions, the harvest of grain and leguminous crops in the current year is estimated at 45.3 million tonnes.