July 11, 2006


Ukraine reports pig and poultry numbers up while cattle numbers down



The number of pigs in Ukraine reached 7.78 million, 12.6 percent more on-year, according to the state statistics committee Tuesday (Jul 11).


Poultry numbers was 199.05 million, an increase of 3.4 percent compared with the same date last year.


Cattle numbers reached 3.66 million, a fall of 6.9 percent.


Ukraine is in the midst of a pig farm building frenzy. Some 200 new pig farms are under construction, with the number of pigs expected to increase by two million this year.


Ukraine poultry output is likely to increase to 550,000 tonnes in 2006 from 419,200 tons in 2005.


Ukraine's pork and poultry sector has been flushed with cash as investors poured money into upgrading existing facilities and creating new ones.


Poultry meat is expected to constitute half of the Ukrainian meat diet this year, rising from 12 percent in 2000.


By 2010 Ukraine plans have an annual poultry production of 800,000 tonnes a year, including 500,000 tonnes of broiler chicken meat.