July 10, 2013


New feed mill opens in Russia's Kurgan region to meet demand


In order to meet the feed demand of the entire region, a large feed mill has been opened in the Chastoozere district of the Kurgan region in South Russia.


The facility has an area of 10,000 square metres and a capacity of seven tonnes of feed/hour. The mill will also produce rapeseed oil and meal in the foreseeable future.


"This facility was built as part of the large, long-term programme to create a large meat production "cluster" in the eastern part of our region. I think the plant will have a serious role in our feed chain as it was constructed with future contracts in mind," Deputy Governor Sergey Zhdanov, said at the opening ceremony.


According to a representative of the project, the State Duma member Alexander Iltyakov, the feed mill is also one of the objectives of the genetic centre to be established in Chastoozere district. Currently the company covers the feed demand of the local pig farms, but its capacity is capable of meeting the demand of 2.5 million pigs or cattle, so in fact the enterprise could cover the demand of the whole region.

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