July 10, 2013


Brazil authorises import of beef livestock from Paraguay


Brazil has given approval for beef livestock to be imported from San Pedro, a region of central Paraguay.


The official statement from the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture has instructed animal health and meat quality officials in Paraguay that they will be 'Lifting the limits for mature and boneless beef derived from cattle from the San Pedro Department.'


All government registered abattoirs in Paraguay are now able to market beef to Chile following the decision of the Agricultural and Livestock Service to lift all restrictions previously placed on the industry.


The rule adaptation applies to the 400 National Health Service for Food Safety and Quality (SENASCA) registered establishments across the country. The decision comes based on health guarantees from the National Health Service for Food Safety and Food Quality (SENASCA).


Meat trading data shows that Brazil bought US$55 million worth of Paraguay beef through the first half of the year.

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